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Detailed Interior Painting​


At Picasso Moon, we strive for the most consistent and even finish possible. Starting with the best materials for your project and providing clean and crisp lines to define your home's features.  Whether it's ceilings, walls, trim or all areas we expect nothing less than perfection.

This precision in painting techniques is what separates our quality from the rest. 

Color Selection

We encourage use of color to express mood and creating the "feeling" that you want for the rooms in your home.

We provide color selection consultations and creative color use ideas to help bring out the architectural features in your home.

We go to great lengths to ensure that the colors that you choose will be warm and inspiring for years to come.

 Cabinetry Refinishing

We specialize in cabinet refinishing. With over 40 kitchens and bathroom cabinets completed in the last 16 years, we've developed a process using a very durable materials to give your cabinetry a fresh and lasting new finish. 

The process with labor and materials cost about 1/3 of the cost to replace most types of cabinetry.

Ask for a free consultation to see if cabinet refinishing is right for you.




I have many fun murals that I've created over the past 10 years. From very simple designs to more detailed and complex, murals are a great way to enhance and give creative personality to any space. I also specialize in creative kid's rooms with mural and color themes. Find out about mural pricing for your project.


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